This one’s for you kid!

Welcome to a place to play … and read … and write …and even win prizes!

I got this idea from the Kate Wiggins Douglas wonderful book, “Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm.”  If you haven’t read it, you are in for a treat – read the original and come here if there are words you don’t understand. (I grew up with people who spoke like that.) Rebecca is a feisty girl! You can learn a lot from her. Beware, though – it’s an OLD OLD OLD book written in 1903 for ages 8-13. If you are a parent looking for books for younger ages, you can find those here, too!Sunny in Office

My name is Sunny Walker & I’m super excited you found me and my “sandbox” for readers and writers, especially those who love to read and be read to – including me.

What’s up?

Do you want to write a story? Or just finish one YOUR way? Are you an artist? Here’s the place.

To share your story, go to “Stories.” In the “Post a Reply” section, upload your story, including title, byline (that’s YOUR name), your age and the country where you live (like China, Spain, USA). Maximum for now is anything less than 1,001 words.

To finish a story from someone else, go to “the Finish Line.”

Illustrations to share? Go to “My Pics.”

Want to comment on someone’s idea or story or illustration? Click the word “REPLY” at the bottom of their post.


See Sunny Recommends under Magic Library above for lots of choices.

Now, get comfortable (pajamas accepted) and let’s play!